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How to use GPS location services and Google Static Map API in J2ME MIDlets

Today, most mobile devices come with a GPS module or can connect to one using Bluetooth services. These devices come with support for the Location API for J2ME under JSR-179 that allow J2ME MIDlets applications to query the GPS module for geo-location coordinates. Also mobile applications integrate location based services and one increasingly used it to provide maps images using Google Maps or Google Static Maps. The later is accessible through Google Static Maps API V2, which is an open and free service (no longer requires a Maps API key) and more efficient as it minimizes network transfers.

In this article it is described and developed a fully MIDlet application that gets coordinates from the mobile device GPS module and use them to display a Google static map for that location. The application can be tested on the emulator or on a real device that has a GPS module incorporated.
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