Data Types Associated to the Fields Defined for a Table in Microsoft Access 2003

In Access 2003, each field of a table has associated a data type and properties of these ones.

Data types used to define fields in an Access 2003 table are:

  • Text: it is the default data type; it is stored for any character type, including numbers; Field Size property determines the maximum number of characters that are stored and it has values between 0 and 255 positions;
  • Memo: it is a type similar to type Text, but it stores up to 64,000 characters;
  • Number: it is used to store numerical values; Field Size property specifies the size and type of numerical value;
  • Date/Time: it is a date type used to store a valid calendar date and time zone; representation format of calendar date and time zone is specified in the property Format;
  • Currency: it is used to store monetary values in order to make calculations and comparisons of monetary;
  • Autonumber: it is a data type used to store a single value associated with each record added to table; value is generated by incrementarea last generation or values under the random setting the New Values property (the Increment or Random);
  • Yes/No: it is used to store a value of maximum two values possible: true/false, yes/no, on/off setting the property Format;
  • OLE Object: it is the data type used for storing an OLE object (Object Linking and Embedding): Excel spreadsheet, Word document, image, sound, animation inserted by the command Object… from Insert menu;
  • Hyperlink: it is date type used to store a hyperlink to a location of another object in the database, Office document or Web page; hyperlink is inserted by command Hyperlink… from Insert menu;
  • Lookup Wizard: it allows execution Lookup Wizard application wizard which assists the user in the operation of converting to one field type lookup; initially, field should be associated with the data type Text, Number or Yes/No.
Lookup Wizard Application
Lookup Wizard Application