How to insert a logo or image into a QR code using Photoshop

This article describes different methods of changing a QR code in Photoshop that allow to insert a logo, image or text. The custom or branded QR code will be read correctly despite the modification. The QR (Quick Response code, Denso Barcode, ISO/IEC18004) code represents a two-dimensional code bar, initially used by industry, but widely used […]

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Animated Gif
How to create an animated GIF in Photoshop CS3 or CS4

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a digital image format used to store bitmaps. Since it was introduced in 1987, it has been largely used on World Wide Web to allow websites to include images in their pages. It is an efficient format because:•    is limited to 8-bit indexed color•    it has a good compression […]

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How to make a Web 2.0 button or badge in Photoshop

Recent years evolution in graphics and images for Web pages has led to the definition of Web 2.0 style. It is used to make a cool logo or other visual elements (buttons, menus, badges) for the Web site.  The style is characterized by:– using intense and vivid colors that attract attention to a particular element […]

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